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Support Guides

Need help getting started as an organizer, speaker or an attendee? Check out our guides.

Guides for Attendees & Speakers


Attending an event on Evental and need some extra help? Checkout the following attendee guides below.


Are you speaking at an event that is using Evental? Check out the following guides below to help you get started.

Guides for Organizers


Sessions are specific talks/events occurring at your event. Attendees can register for these sessions. Checkout the following guides for organizing sessions below.


Roles are used to categorize and display attendees such as speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, artists, etc. Checkout the following organizer guides for organizers below.


As the event founder, you can invite additional organizers to assist you in setting up your event. Checkout the following guides for inviting organizers below.


Venues are used to group sessions by location. Checkout the following organizer guides for venues below.


Pages can be used to make event specific information such as hotels nearby, or a map of the convention available. Checkout the following organizer guides for pages below.

Still need help?

If you are still in need help, reach out to us at support@evental.app or fill out a support ticket.